Recipes: A Bitter G+T

A simple recipe for A Bruto Americano Gin and Tonic

Our arch tumblers in light amber make for a bright and refreshing mixed beverage— and they’re a gorgeous vessel for a Bitter Gin and Tonic. If you appreciate a complex profile with a balanced bitter rind and persistent sweetness, this beverage is for you.

Ingredients List:

St. George Terroir Gin

Bruto Americano

Indian Tonic Water

Cara Cara Orange, Zested, Sliced

Crushed Ice

The Recipe:

Take your light amber arch tumbler - we like to chill ours - and fill with crushed ice. Put thinly sliced orange pieces to the side then mix 1 part Bruto Americano and one part St. George Terroir Gin. Add the zest of the orange, a splash of Indian tonic water and a squeeze of orange. Taste and adjust to your preference. 

If you’re feeling frisky, grill your orange slices before placing in your tumblers.


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